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Regional inheritance tax

Regional inheritance tax finally reduced after public pressure The new rules mean that children and spouses who inherit up to one million euros in Andalucía won’t pay regional inheritance tax to the taxman Regional PSOE and Ciudadanos politicians celebrate the lower-tax deal. The Junta de Andalucía has finally agreed to change the rules over local inheritance [...]

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Important Spanish Mortgage Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE – ABUSIVE MORTGAGE CLAUSES A new court resolution has been issued this week relating to abusive clauses in a Deed of Mortgage. The resolution makes certain clauses included in the mortgage loan null and void as they are considered to be abusive for the borrower. The default clause; if you default on any [...]

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Subletting Contract Clause

Property Rental Subletting Contract Clause As you will have seen in the media, there have been many cases of tenants, who have been subletting their property they are renting to tourists.  What! You say, but do you know what your tenants are doing? Sub letting. Lately there have been many cases of tenants who, after renting [...]

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Someone Auctioned My House Help!

The CaseNow this was an unusual case that came to us, our client is an astute property investor and has properties in Marbella, but lives in Abu Dhabi.He purchased the property as a holiday home for him and his family and also owned several other properties in Spain.As he does not live in Spain he [...]

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Know your boundaries

When buying your dream country property in Spain, you just have to be practical and do not take information at face value.So you have found that perfect property, you are going to live “The Good Life”, with chickens, horses and possibly some goats and don’t forget the dogs and cats.The property described to you has [...]

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PLUSVALIA Impuesto sobre Incremento de Valor de los terrenos de naturaleza Urbana en caso de pérdida patrimonial

La plusvalía es un impuesto  a pagar al Ayuntamiento donde está localizado el bien y  que grava el incremento de valor del terreno sobre el que se ha construido una edificación cuando se produce  una trasmisión de la propiedad, puede ser por compraventa, herencia, donación etc. Por tanto en principio tienen que darse 3 requisitos [...]

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Claiming PLUSVALIA Tax

What is the Tax?The Plusvalia Tax is presented to you by the local Council when you sell your property.They assume your land has increased in value since you bought it and levies the increase in value of the plot on where the property is built when it is transferred by way of purchase and sale, [...]

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¿Que son las cláusulas suelo? Muchos de los préstamos hipotecarios otorgados por banco españoles para la compra de vivienda  con interés variable,  están referenciados al Euribor.   Esto significa que el tipo de interés se fija sumando dos componentes el índice de referencia, siendo el más habitual el Euribor y un el diferencial que es una [...]

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What is a Floor Clause?A lot of mortgages granted by Spanish Banks for the purchase of property with variable interest are referenced to Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate).This means that the interest rate of the loan is fixed by adding two components, the reference index being the most common the Euribor and a differential margin [...]

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On the 2nd of October, 2016, Act 39/2015 Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administration came into force. The purpose of the Law is, amongst many other issues, to regulate relations between Public Administrations and citizens, to implement an eGovernment and to improve the processing of administrative procedures. It is true that in tax matters [...]

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