Testimonial for Our Website

Celebrating over 30 years in Business

30 years on the Costa del Sol is a long time.. we have seen little villages grow into big towns and towns grow into Cities.

Along with the growth there has been many changes in the law to cope with all the new properties, some of which we as a company have contributed to.

We started before Spain joined the EU and we were there when Spain actually joined it. We cope with the new legislations and adapted to countries investing in to Spain in the boom period.

Whenever you get a boom period, then without doubt follows a recession, again we survived this as our company not only provided Property Law advice, but all the other services you would expect a good lawyer to provide.

Our knowledge will help people in the UK when the outcome of Brexit is finally decided.

So finally it makes us feel proud whenever you give us a testimonial for our website, we feel we have done a good service.

Thank you from everyone on the Team of Rafael Berdaguer Abogados Testimonial for Our Websiteos