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Important! Madrid Court has made new ruling on Spanish Mortgage Clauses


If you have been a victim of the clauses in the Spanish Mortgage Contract... you have a right to claim back the FEES and Interest that was levied against you. Fill in the form and we will tell you what you can claim.

Default Clause
The default clause; if you default on any of the clauses especially if you miss a payment the mortgage lender could recall the mortgage loan; this is now declared null and void.
You now have to miss 3 payments before the bank can take action.

Unfair Interest Rates
Has the bank charged you high interest rates for non-payment of loan on due date?

Under the new judgement this is null and void. 
Notary & Land Registry Fees
Judgement is also applied to the clause in the Mortgage where the borrower is made responsible for the Notary and Land Registry fees.

This is now null and void as the bank is the only interested party.

"I recently requested the services of RBA Abogados to look into a possible floor clause in relation to my mortgage.I  received a prompt professional response and the matter was looked into quickly and efficiently under a no win no fee agreement, all from the comfort of my own home via email. At all times communication was excellent, acknowledging that documentation had been received and at what stage we were at etc, and importantly all in English.
I would highly recommend their services and will certainly be returning as a client for any future needs.
It is no wonder that are celebrating your 30th Year in business as you deliver a professional, approachable, friendly and efficient service."

- Sharon Webster

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