Experienced Property Lawyers in Marbella, Andalusia and Spain

Important tips when buying a Property in Spain

This article is aimed to give you tips on buying a property in Spain, so helping you to avoid the possible pitfalls.


To Rafael Berdaguer Abogados, your English speaking Experienced Property Lawyers in Marbella (Andalucia, Costa del Sol). We also specialise in, Tax Advice, Divorce proceedings, Wills and Estates.

With 30 years of experience, integrity and results Rafael Berdaguer Abogados are the leading lawyer for Expats needing expert legal advice in Spain.

Experienced Property Lawyer in Marbella, Andalucia and Spain

We are experts in land use laws, in Spain land use laws vary, whether you live in the country or a village, don’t get caught with unnecessary fines or charges.Property lawyers in Spain

As Experienced Property Lawyers in Marbella (Andalucia, Costa del Sol) we have years of experience in advising people like yourself on buying and selling property.

Whether for investment purposes or to live here, we can ensure that you are protected and there are no hidden surprises.

Have you considered buying a property as a business venture like for Bed & Breakfast? do you know what the Tax implications are? The licenses you need? Talk to us now…

If you are considering this then you need to make sure the contract is fair and not siding with the person selling the property.

Ask yourself… is the contracted weighted more towards the seller? ask yourself if you are protected, if your are not sure then do not enter into an agreement until we have looked at the contract.newsletter

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