Wills & Estates

Protect yourself with a Spanish Will

Many Expats have in recent times invested in Real Estate in Spain.

They have already gone through the experience of the real estate business in this Country and enjoy life in the sun during holiday periods.

A great deal of people are no longer young and their expectation of life is obviously reduced as unfortunately it is a human condition that sooner or later the death arrives.

For those of you who are in this situation and also for those who would like to save their heirs a legal entanglement upon their death it is strongly advisable to have a Spanish Will.

This will facilitate a speedy and smooth transfer of the part of your Estate left in Spain.

Otherwise when you die your assets will go to probate and this can take years to resolve.

Did you know when a Will is drawn up you can choose that your succession is governed by the Law of your own country?

When you protect yourself with a Spanish Will, when the Will is executed it will make the inheritance procedure in spain a lot Easier.

It will save administration backlog for your heirs and avoid possible surcharges and penalties.

We will advise you on your succession planning regarding your Spanish estate, especially in Inheritance Tax.


We also assist the heirs in the winding up of your Spanish estate upon your death.

Arrange for all the necessary documentations required and assist them in the signing of the Deed of Acceptance of Inheritance.

Once this is signed for we will complete the transfer of the Spanish assets into the name of your heir(s) as stated in the Will.

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