Tax Advice for Non Residents

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We are your specialist  in tax advice for non residents in Spain.

When buying a property in Spain you are liable for taxes this cannot be avoided.

Anyone who spends less than half the year in Spain can generally consider themselves non-resident for Spanish tax purposes

In fact avoiding you tax obligations can lead to heavy fines, don’t get caught out!

Whatever the details of your fiscal situation, we will ensure all your tax obligations in Spain are met.

By presenting your taxes to our  Tax Advice for Non Residents department, we will take care of all your tax interests so you can enjoy peace of mind.

To avoid unnecessary fines,  we advise any individual or corporation of all the tax liabilities they have in Spain.

And also on the tax implications on the transactions they carry out in Spain.

For example in the case of a property purchase, development, or any other business investment.

We take care of the preparation and payment of the annual taxes and act as your fiscal representative to deal with all tax affairs before the Spanish Revenue.

This includes advice on double taxation treaties, we will be your contact person for dealing with all the authorities.

We arrange for tax appeals and claims. If required we will automatically apply for a Number of Identification of Foreigners ( NIE) at the Spanish police station.

This is in the case of a foreigner or if we are dealing with a corporation for a Fiscal Number before the Inland Revenue as these numbers will be required to present any tax assessment.

As your English speaking Tax Advisor for non residents in Spain we can also advise on Inheritance Tax, Investment Tax Planning, VAT and other indirect taxes you may incur.

We suggest you read our article: “Spanish Tax Reform 2015”


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